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The company was founded in 2003 from the experience gained in twenty years of activity by Geoseven, a historic topographic and then engineering company.
Ingeo Progetti has evolved and adapted to new needs in the energy field with prevailing experience on pipelines and petrochemical plants.
The staff, of undisputed experience, is able to satisfy every specific need of the design, supervision and management of the works of on-shore transport lines using the most modern construction techniques; in recent times we have turned our attention to the development of off-shore design by collaborating with the major companies existing on the market.

Vision & Mission

Seriousness and flexibility; we are committed to safety, quality and responsibility with a particular predisposition and openness to teamwork. Ingeo Progetti adheres to the Business Integrity Forum initiative regarding business ethics.

Our Mission is to Pursue the satisfaction of every customer design requirement with safe, reliable and innovative solutions. The cornerstones on which the company was founded.

  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Trasparency
  • Zero tolerance for corruption
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Loyalty
  • Responsability
  • Culture of legality

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cmp consorzio

INGEO PROGETTI is a member of the CMP Consortium and provides Basic, FEED, and Detail Mono-Multidisciplinary Engineering Services for the construction of Plants in the Oil&Gas Onshore e Offshore, Energy, Chemical, Pharmaceutical sectors.

fm engineering
INGEO PROGETTI has been a partner of FM Engineering for many years, a company that provides services in the field of anti-corrosion engeneering.
fm engineering

INGEO PROGETTI, as part of the development of its program for the adoption of actions aimed at the creation of environmentally and socially sustainable systems, has acquired shares in HPH, an innovative start-up in the field of green hydrogen production systems.

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The group

A group made up of various professionals in each sector with many years of experience in the engineering field

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Our Certifications

To support the quality and guarantee we offer, we are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environment Management System and ISO 45001 Health and Safety in the workplace.

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ISO 14001 ingeo progetti
ISO 45001 ingeo progetti
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Our commitment to Sustainability

A starting point for sharing the company's objectives in the process of continuous improvement of its social and environmental impact.


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Management. Engineering. But first of all people. It is people who make the difference with their skills, passions and intuitions.


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We are a certified company in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environment Management System and ISO 45001 Health and Safety in the workplace.



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