Environmental Management

INGEO PROGETTI is able to manage all the activities that must guarantee the sustainability and safety of the environment in which a work (the gas pipeline) is built and used.

Actions to minimize environmental impact may vary according to specific circumstances, but include environmental impact analysis, route selection, construction planning, waste management and environmental impact monitoring.

Main activities performed

  • Documentation for single authorization DPR 327/01
  • Documentation for verification of subjectability to environmental impact assessment (Screening)
  • Documentation for environmental impact study (SIA)
  • Documentation for environmental impact assessment
  • Documentation by request pursuant to Legislative Decree 42/04 and subsequent amendments
  • Documentation by request pursuant to the r.d. 326/23 (hydrogeological restriction)
  • Hydrological-hydraulic study
  • Wildlife study
  • Environmental monitoring plan
  • Acoustic study
  • Study of air quality
  • Documentation for preliminary assessment (pre-screening)
  • Plan for the use of excavated earth and rocks
  • Preliminary estimate of the trees to be felled

Engineering and Design

Experts in the engineering and design of each phase of a project.
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Construction supervision:

We manage the construction of a work in all its processing phases starting from planning to delivery.
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Topographic surveys:

Carrying out terrestrial, marine and coastal monitoring and surveys.

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Acquisition of permits:

Technical consultancy aimed at obtaining land availability for the construction of infrastructural works.
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Our commitment to Sustainability

A starting point for sharing the company's objectives in the process of continuous improvement of its social and environmental impact.


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We are a certified company in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environment Management System and ISO 45001 Health and Safety in the workplace.



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