Integrated Policy

Quality, safety and environmental management systems

INGEO PROGETTI SRL considers the Quality Management System a key element of its business strategy, to guarantee development and growth in a very complex and varied economic reality. The company Management has in fact chosen to implement an Integrated System compliant with the UNI EN ISO9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, UNI EN ISO 45001:2018 standards with the primary objective of continuously improving its performance and with the aim, therefore, to ensure a constant quality level of its services.


Ingeo Progetti Srl has decided to implement a Quality Policy aimed at achieving well-defined and measurable objectives and on which the organization intends to invest all the necessary resources and support:

  • Qualify among the best providers in its sector, providing a service such as to maintain a positive relationship of trust with Client Companies;
  • Consider the satisfaction of its Customers as a priority;
  • Pursue internal efficiency, organizing and standardizing personnel activities and training;
  • Activate a continuous improvement system.

To this end it was considered strategically indispensable therefore:

  • Apply the methodologies of a Quality System in order to be able to manage the internal production activities and assistance to the Client companies on a continuous and controlled basis;
  • Actively involve all personnel who carry out activities relevant to the Quality of the service provided;
  • Implement a training program and develop operating methods to encourage the participation of its personnel at all levels and roles;
  • Establish effective communication channels with Customers;
  • Keep operational activities under control in order to allow the maintenance of standards such as to make our service reliable over time;
  • The Management is entrusted with the responsibility for achieving these objectives and any corrective actions that may be necessary to achieve them. The Quality manager is responsible for periodic checks on the adequacy of the System and for all personnel, the application of what is defined by the Quality System.


INGEO PROGETTI SRL works to provide private and public companies with the design and provision of services referred to in paragraph 2, conducting its activities in order to integrate the site into the environmental context in which it is located. In this vision, INGEO PROGETTI SRL pays the utmost attention to safeguarding the environment and the territory in full compliance with the legal requirements. For this reason, the Company intends to continue to be a leading company through the pursuit of sustainable development based on measurable events.

The methodological approach for defining environmental policy is based on adopting:

  • a “proactive principle” in the management of environmental aspects by considering them, an integrated variable in company management;
  • the principle of continuous improvement for planning, implementation, operation, control, corrective action and review.

To achieve these objectives, INGEO PROGETTI SRL undertakes to:

  • Comply with the legal requirements in the environmental field, comply with the provisions of the Public Administration and the voluntary agreements signed with Public and Private Entities;
  • Minimize environmental impacts during activities, optimizing the consumption of energy and raw materials, through correct management of resources and emissions and immissions;
  • Prevent environmental impacts where economically acceptable and technically possible, pursuing continuous improvement of environmental performance;
  • Ensure that every collaborator is aware, responsible and involved in the company’s efforts in managing environmental aspects;
  • Allocate adequate resources to implement environmental policy and programmes;
  • Adopt the best technologies available with a view to awareness and economic compatibility;
  • Adequate and continuous education and training of personnel;
  • Constantly verify the improvement of environmental performance by modifying, when necessary, the Company’s environmental management system, policy, programs and procedures;
  • Collaborate with the competent authorities and Public Bodies in the development of regulations and initiatives aimed above all at better management of activities;
  • Communicate the company’s environmental policy in an appropriate and documented manner to all personnel, Municipalities, Public Bodies and associations, suppliers and customers;
  • Satisfy the Minimum Environmental Criteria updated periodically on the basis of technological and market evolution.


The entire organization of INGEO PROGETTI SRL undertakes to:

  • consider that the objectives of accident prevention and occupational safety are primary objectives of the policies of INGEO PROGETTI SRL, with particular reference to construction sites;
  • consider, in particular, that the improvement of the organization and therefore, the productivity of work, must also be achieved through the regulation and improvement of safety in the yards;
  • consider that the adequate management of the prevention system concerns the entire company organization, from the employer to the workers;
  • observe and request that the individual workers observe the regulations in force, as well as the company provisions on safety and hygiene at work, on the use of collective means of protection and individual protection devices made available to them;
  • check, in particular, that anyone understands and applies, with adequate prominence and attention, the accident prevention measures involving serious or very serious injuries;
  • provide the human, instrumental and economic resources necessary for the implementation of the system;
  • hold information initiatives and training courses aimed at workers, so that they are sensitized and trained to carry out their tasks of accident prevention and work organization;
  • involve and consult the workers, also and above all through their safety representative;
  • pursuing the improvement of the corporate organization for safety and accident prevention;
  • oppose, even among subcontractors, the use of personnel not resulting from the records or other mandatory documentation as well as the use of personnel outside the regular working and rest conditions and times.

All the activities carried out in the settlement and those that Ingeo Progetti S.r.l. takes place directly outside the site (e.g. transport, customer assistance), as well as the activities carried out by third parties in the company site and which may interfere with its own activities (contractors) are analyzed to identify the dangers present as well as the organizational aspects and operational that can significantly affect Occupational Health and Safety (in a real or potential way). The analysis is coordinated by the RSPP, in collaboration with the SPP and the entire company structure (executives, supervisors, workers), with the competent doctor and with external companies operating in the settlement or to which Ingeo Progetti S.r.l. personnel go.

The risk assessment is preceded by the consultation, by the employer or a person delegated by him, of the workers’ safety representatives (RLS). The work processes are broken down into elementary phases, within which the sources and dangerous situations are identified and the risks assessed.

The occasional activities carried out in the settlement and external ones, as far as possible, on which Ingeo Progetti S.r.l. may have influence.

Each collaborator of INGEO PROGETTI SRL is directly responsible for the implementation of this policy during the performance of their activities, inside and outside the company, and is involved in verifying the work of third parties. The governing bodies in particular are primarily responsible for this policy. The objectives indicated are congruent with the company’s mission. The company undertakes to ensure the human and instrumental resources necessary to achieve and maintain the environmental policy of INGEO PROGETTI SRL.

Lucrezia, 1st October 2022

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