SA8000 Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility

INGEO PROGETTI SRL, which has always been attentive to the world of cooperation and the protection of human rights, has decided to equip itself with an SA8000:2014 Management System aimed at transparently enhancing its human assets and disseminating to the Management, employees , collaborators, customers, suppliers and communities the values and good practices of Social Responsibility of the SA8000 Standard.

Therefore, INGEO undertakes to:

  • Do not use child or forced labor;
  • Respect national and international regulations regarding the protection of labor and human rights;
  • Respect free association and the right to union bargaining;
  • Counteract any form of discrimination and conduct that may harm human dignity;
  • Consider the economic, environmental and social impacts of your activities when implementing your strategies;
  • Activate communication channels between the company and workers aimed at improving the safety and well-being conditions of its workers, establishing commercial collaborations only with suppliers who undertake to respect and promote the principles of the SA8000 Standard;
  • Comply with national and international regulations regarding working hours, including aspects such as: overtime, excess work, weekly rest, holidays, permits and absences;
  • Respect national regulations regarding remuneration and every element that concerns the remuneration of the individual employee;
  • Always make adequate and precise records available relating to all cases of disciplinary action and do not use or tolerate the use of corporal punishment, physical or mental coercion, verbal abuse towards staff. The organization treats all its staff with dignity and respect.

The Board of Directors undertakes to make available all the tools necessary to comply with all the initiatives adopted to achieve the objectives of the SA8000 Standard.

In the event of non-compliance with the objectives of this policy, employees can contact:

Certification Body
Rina Service spa
Via Sandro Totti, 3
Ancona (AN) 60131

Accreditation Body
SAI-Social Accountability International
15 West 44th Street
6th Floor
New York (NY) 10036 USA
fax +1-212-684-1414

Lucrezia, 7 August 2023

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