Topographic surveys

Technical services for carrying out land, marine and coastal monitoring and investigations with the use of instruments such as Georadar and UAV systems.

Terrestrial and marine surveys

  • Plano – altimetric surveys;
  • Triangulations and precision polygons;
  • Design and construction of geodetic networks;
  • Precision leveling;
  • Geometric update of cadastral maps;
  • Tracking for executive works: roads, railways, power lines, methane pipelines, aqueducts;
  • Management, calculations and computerized rendering through specific programs of topography and graphics;
  • Surveys with GPS instrumentation (double frequency geodetic receiver), rapid static surveys, post-processed kinematic, real-time kinematic surveys;
  • Georadar surveys for GPS search under services;
  • Axis stakeouts;
  • Site topographic assistance;
  • Graphic returns;
  • Sampling and hydro-geochemical analyses;
  • Waste disposal;
  • River hydraulic arrangement;
  • Flow measurements;
  • Measurements of solid transport;
  • Flow tests on wells;
  • Coastal transport analysis;
  • Coastal erosion sedimentation;
  • Mareography;
  • Bathymetries in shallow waters;
  • Geophysics;
  • Positioning of wells and platforms;
  • Studies and surveys for the protection of the coast.

Engineering and Design

Experts in the engineering and design of each phase of a project
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Environmental management

Management of all the activities that must guarantee the sustainability and safety of the environment in which the construction operates

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Construction supervision

Carrying out terrestrial, marine and coastal monitoring and surveys
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Acquisition of permits

Technical consultancy aimed at obtaining land availability for the construction of infrastructural works
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Our commitment to Sustainability

A starting point for sharing the company's objectives in the process of continuous improvement of its social and environmental impact.


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